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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Media Change have a denominational affiliation?

One of our core values is unity within the global body of Christ. We are more focused on reaching nations than arguing about denominations. Media Change works with any Christian denomination that agrees and adheres to the apostle’s creed. Members of our team represents several denominational backgrounds working together to capture the kingdom of God on film.

Q: How much of my donation actually goes to benefiting other ministries?

Well, at this point, somewhere around 1000%. You may think we're joking, but at the moment we give out about 10 times the amount in media service for each dollar received. Just like you, many of the Media Change Team members have part time or full time jobs to pay the bills so that we can serve this ministry. We are looking for 10,000 supporters who are willing to give $10 a month from their entertainment budget to support this work.

Q: I want to be part of the Media Change community. What can I do?

Check out our Media Change Action Steps.

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  • Our Mission:

    We believe that 'Jesus Encounters' didn't end 2,000 years ago—but that you can see Him at work through His servants all over the world. Thousands of ministries shelter widows and orphans, feed the hungry, dig wells for the thirsty, work to end slavery and speak to those in prison...
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  • Our Story:

    In 2003 a missionary spoke at a little church in Franklin TN called Faith Community Church. Joshua MacLeod (the founder of Media Change) and his wife Sarah were attending Faith Community and were benefitted greatly by the teachings and ministry of its pastor Bernie Anderson (now a missionary in Mongolia).
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