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Our Mission

The Mission of Media Change


We believe that ‘Jesus Encounters’ didn’t end 2,000 years ago—but that you can see Him at work through His servants all over the world. Thousands of ministries shelter widows and orphans, feed the hungry, dig wells for the thirsty, work to end slavery and speak to those in prison. Our Mission is to capture the kingdom of God on film. 5 minutes of primetime television will show you what the kingdoms of this world are up to. Shouldn’t their also be a place where you you can turn to see what the kingdom of God is up to? That is our aim. No other generation has been afforded such an opportunity to connect with the Church at large through media and technology… but sadly, we’ve wasted so much of our time on what John Piper calls “entertaining ourselves to death”.

America spends over a trillion dollars a year on entertainment. Is it worth the investment? The UN estimates that 200 billion would end world hunger and yet we spend five times that amount entertaining ourselves. The prophet Isaiah asks: “Why do you spend money for what is not bread, and your wages for what does not satisfy?” (Isa 55:2)

It’s time for a change, a Media Change, and you can play a huge part. By joining media change with a donation of only $10 a month, you can help bring inspiration to our world through Christian media. You’re our executive producers!