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Give Someone Water for Life and Look Good Too!

Here is a cause I’ve always wanted to feature at Christmas time—because gives someone a cool present alongside the donation that was made in the recipient’s honor.

Did you know that $30 can give someone clean drinking water for life in Sudan?

Watermelon Ministries (the parent of Media Change) created the media for the100 Wells Campaign. So far, the campaign has raised enough money to give 50,000 people clean drinking, and 74 of the 100 wells have been dug.

When Watermelon Ministries completed their project, they gave themselves the personal goal of raising the support of 100 people for the 100 Wells Campaign.

We’re over half that goal!

With it being Christmas time, I hoped that some of our readers would be interested in this too, or us help spread the word.

If you want to make a donation, for five dollars more, you can add a t-shirt or a bracelet. So you can

1.) Provide someone with clean water for life

2.) Honor your friend or loved one

3.) Give very cool-looking gift that they’ll want to wear



 (please be sure to state the donation is for 100Wells in the memo.)


100 Wells Campaign – Use your community to serve their community from Watermelon Ministries on Vimeo.