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8 Things Anybody Can Do to Help Fight Poverty

Welcome 2012!

Most of us are taking time to reflect on the old year and to decide what we want to accomplish in the new year. For a lighter post, we’ve put together a list of 8 things that anyone can do to help fight world poverty! So here we go:

1.) Find a ministry that you are passionate about and commit to either praying for that ministry or writing them letters of support.

2.) Learn about a world problem—slavery for example– and start reading about it and tell your friends what you’re learning.

3.) Gather a group of your favorite people and challenge yourselves to see how much you can accomplish as a group using only your talents to raise funds or help a specific ministry.

4.) Use your blog to fight poverty. Visit our blog page to sign up and learn more.

5.) Dedicate one Facebook / Twitter post a week for raising awareness about world poverty. (We welcome you reposting one of ours!)

6.) Clean out your clutter—recycle and sell extra goods and use the money to benefit a ministry.

7.) Volunteer your time—there’s lot of work that can be done at non-profits, churches and soup kitchen.

8.) You knew this one was coming—but there’s a reason we chose $10 a month as our suggested donation, we wanted everybody to be able to participate.

So there’s our list. I hope that this year you’ll take some time to make some intentional decisions about how you serve others in 2012. Small changes and small steps and yield huge changes.