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FAQ / About Us

Why We’re Here:

Did you know that almost half of the world’s population lives on less than $2.50 a day? Compare that to the average American who spends $7 a day on entertainment. Last year we spent over a trillion dollars on entertainment, while about a third of that would annually solve world hunger and world thirst.

Why is this?

Statistically we’re told that every 22 seconds a child dies of hunger related diseases—flip that around to our side of the world, where we invest a large portion of our budget into some form of media that keeps us distracted.

If we’re honest, what we’re spending money on isn’t making us happy regardless.

Here’s What We Believe:

We believe that we have a bigger role in the story than we’ve yet stepped up to. That out of every soul God could have placed in the richest countries in the world, He chose our soul. He must have thought we could handle that responsibility.

We believe that it is not okay to waste your life.

We believe that we need do something, even if it’s just a small step.

We believe that giving has great impact—not only in alleviating the suffering of those in poverty, but in that through the act of giving, our own lives are transformed.

We believe we need the poor as much as they need us.

Why Fight Poverty with Media?

Two reasons here.

1.) We know it works. For example, we took $5000 and created a campaign that showed the need for clean drinking water in Sudan. That campaign helped raise over $500,000 and now 50,000 people are drinking clean water.

Think about that. $5000 + creative people = 50,000 people no longer dying of thirst. We could have dug one well with the money and provided for 1,000 souls, but media took the message much further.

Where else can you invest such a small amount and make such a huge impact?

2.) Media is powerful. Websites, television and artistry help shape the way we view the world, and motivate us to take action. Until we see and understand the hurt—it’s impossible to be moved with compassion to help.

How We Do It

1. FUNDING – You take $10 a month out of your media entertainment fund and donate it monthly. We use it to create media for those fighting world poverty. The non-profits we align with are the ones meeting the scriptural commands. They feed the hungry and thirsty, care for widows and orphans, clothe the naked, and speak up for the persecuted.

2. BUILD COMMUNITY – One person by himself cannot save the world, but a community of people can. We are connected to artists (graphic designers, writers, photographers, etc,) and bloggers, and media outlets. We are connected to those fighting world poverty—and we use our connections to build effective media.

Each ministry that we serve shows us another piece of what God is doing around the world. And we’re sharing that story here! If you want to do more, but you’re not sure what you’re passionate about yet, stick around. When you make a monthly pledge, we send you stories and articles every month to get you inspired.

What experience do you have? 

Over the past seven years, we’ve provided media campaigns for ministries that fight poverty in over 22 countries. To view some of our work, you can visit our parent Watermelon Ministries’ portfolio.

Our first goal is to create a community of 10,000 people willing to give $10 a month from their entertainment budget?

We’re asking bloggers, media personal, celebrities, pastors, college students, average Joes—okay everyone—to participate.

Are you willing to give $10 a month?